Frankfurt Ticker: RDM (WKN: A1CTMK)

Welcome to Ridgeback Global Resources, Plc.

Ridgeback Global Resources, Plc. (symbol RDM on the Frankfurt Exchange), is a mining and exploration company focused on the discovery and exploitation of world-class diamond and gold deposits in the mineral rich and under explored, country of Sierra Leone, and the diamond rich Province of Saskatchewan Canada.

In addition, the company currently holds a 5 year 40% joint venture agreement with 5 year extension options with Ridgeback Mining Sierra Leone, Ltd. out of Sierra Leone - formerly known as Praus Trading and Mining Company - holder of 3 current diamond and gold mining concessions within 3 separate but adjacent chiefdoms with several more concessions under development.

Ridgeback also currently holds two prospecting licenses in Canada that grant it exclusive mining rights to a 3,524 hectare claim in the diamond rich Province of Saskatchewan, which is Canada's number one mineral producing jurisdiction, with mineral production valued at $9.7 billion annually.

Please see the project section for more information on these projects.

Ridgeback uses a lean and agile management strategy by leveraging partnerships and joint ventures with proven mining companies and geologists, the ultimate objective always being rapid and successful production. Ridgeback's management is focused on adding more companies and concessions to its growing mining portfolio. The company is currently in active negotiations and expected to enter into mutual agreements with new JV partners over the next few weeks. Please refer back to this website for further updates.

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